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Black Ink Solutions (BIS) is strategically located near the upper Texas Gulf Coast in the city of Beaumont. Our well established Business Brokerage firm has a very successful history of assisting entrepreneurs throughout the Beaumont area. Selling your small business is our only business at BIS.

There are numerous reasons why BIS should be selected as your Business Broker. We believe that by utilzing the proven established resources that we have developed and combining those resources with the best people, processes and systems makes BIS well equipped to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

BIS has earned an excellent reputation for the way that our firm manages the confidential business brokerage process. The majority of our clients are a direct result of referrals and we work hard to build long term relationships. We pledge to our potential clients that we will not push to enter into a formal engagement until such time that we believe the project can be good for all concerned.

During our evaluation of a potential listing, we might observe certain issues taking place in the operation of the business that we feel could hinder the effort. When that situation occurs, we will advise a potential client that it might not be in their best interest to proceed promptly before those specific business related issues have been reviewed and addressed.

If we believe a situation exist that will negatively impact the range of value or our ability to move the project forward, we will explain why and offer our assistance to help develop an action plan that hopefully will improve the conditions of the business. One of our main goals with any listing is to secure the most consideration possible for our clients and move an assignment to a successful closing.
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We understand first hand the complexities of owning and operating a small business also known as "Main Street Businesses". Our background provides us with the necessary experience to know very well what drives value. Advising business owners on what will favorably impact the worth of their small business is one of the most important components of the BIS process. More than ever before, in today's economic conditions a business owner can not afford to make a mistake or take shortcuts when selling their business.

Over the last twenty plus years we have successfully completed a variety of transactions. With each assignement that we accept, we completely understand that there will be specfic issues that must be carefully studied and overcome in order to successfully complete the process of transferring the ownership of a business.

We focus our efforts on representing "Main Street Businesses". Some of the successful transactions that we have completed include; locally owned nationally recognized franchise locations, successful retail stores, consumer service businesses, family owned restaurants, fast food locations, C-stores, liquor stores and more. These "Main Street Businesses" are seen on a day to day basis in every community and make up the majority of businesses owned in our country.

Throughout the entire process we strive to protect and respect all interested parties. If you are thinking about exiting your company, please contact BIS. We will provide you with a realistic confidential assessment and other important details regarding how we would propose to handle what will be one of the most important business decisions that you will ever make.

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